Beginner-level Italian lessons for visitors to Tuscany

Learn the basics of Italian to enhance enjoyment of your vacation in Italy

Getting started - your first words in Italian

If you're visiting Tuscany for even a few days, it's worthwhile to take one or a few Italian lessons in order to learn the basics of Italian pronunciation and simple sentences that you can use during your vacation. These include greetings, numbers, town names, menu items, how to order and so on. No need to lose any of your valuable sightseeing time - you can schedule your Italian lesson at the time that suits you, and I can even come to your accommodation to give the lesson.

Individuals, couples, children, family groups - no problem!

Simply contact me by email and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Italian crash course for groups:
one session or a few

We offer a special crash course in simple Italian for groups based on intensive programmed interaction among the participants and with the teachers. Participants interact one another while learning a few words and sentences that they can use during their staying in Italy. This goes together with a bit of grammar, just enough to have an idea of how the Italian language works (masculine-feminine, formal-informal ways to address to people, how to compose a sentence, simple conjugation of a verb). At the same time everyone will to hear some Italian spoken by native speakers to get used to the sound of Italian in a practical context.

Listening, feeling, using, trying out some language in a comfortable and relaxed enviroment - fun with Italian!