Interesting and useful links for visitors to Panzano

To locate the vacation rental in Tuscany that fits your needs, visit our Greve in Chianti web site. The vacation rentals listed there put you in direct contact with the owners. There are no price markups. In addition, we provide information on what to see, where to eat, walking paths, bicycling routes, churches, castles and abbeys, and wild life.
Here we provide some links to web pages that give brief but useful information on sights that can be visted when using Panzano in Chianti as your vacation base. All of the sights in Tuscany are easily reached by car, some in less than half an hour, others during the course of a one day excursion. The sights in Umbria are mostly a long one day trip, but still practical if you start off at a reasonably early hour in the morning.

Sights in Tuscany

Sights in Umbria


Vallelunga race track

Sandrine Martin at the European Women's Cup Vallelunga May 2005
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